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Scoresby Tennis Centre, Stud Road, Scoresby.
PO BOX 9120, Scoresby. 3179     

Scoresby Tennis Club
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Scoresby Tennis Club;  STC was founded in 1928 at this location.

We have got meeting books from 1937 (2 dozen balls were 19/6pence. STC also purchase a Billy can for 1 shilling 9 pence .
The land the courts are on was initially owned by the Exner family who left money for the sports ground and Tennis courts for the next 100 years .
Money was raised by public collection to have the Gates and pillars erected at the entrance of Stud Road and the pillars still stand there today.
The council some years ago lost the main gates so that is why there are no gates there now.

In 1928 the STC started with 2 sand tennis courts and a small club room where the swings are today down near Woolworths and where the car park is today was Mr and Mrs Sandiford house was located. When that property was up for sale the council and the STC purchased it for car parking.
The big area of vacant land up near court 6, 7 & 8 was the Scoresby Basketball courts (which is called netball now )
Where 6, 7 & 8. courts are built now  was the  area where the local sprouts were picked up to go interstate to Sydney every 2nd night.

Initially games were played with white balls and wooden rackets and gut strings .